Improving Page Performance

Improving the performance can be made by using analysis tools and using the information to improve the performance where the most gains can be obtained.

Analysis tools

  • Browser net analysis
  • PageSpeed Insights

Page sight insights is provided by Google and will analyse your site and provide a lot of background information on how it may be improved.

The analysis provides information on how many bytes may be save using minimisation and it seems best to go for the biggest problem first.

The site will also carry out optimisation and provide a downloadable file with the optimised resources.

The Right Stuff: Breaking the PageSpeed Barrier with Bootstrap


WordPress API

Access your WordPress site’s data through an easy-to-use HTTP REST API.

The dilemma of whether to use WordPress for a site or to start from a simple mobile first design seems to be a discussion point amongst developers. WordPress seems overkill for simple sites and needs a lot of modification to change the theme to what is required. That is from the opinion of a developer who is happier with the programming and wishes to optimise for fast download response and to meet the growing use of mobile devices.

It seems that the WordPress API offers a solution of using the ready made and user friendly database interface to serve content to a simpler site.

WP REST API website

About the WordPress REST API

The API was used to provide an interface to the data most recent posts to provide a short index on the mobile friendly website.

The api was easily installed using the plugin manager within wordpress.